Friday, August 14, 2009

Brazil - Recycling Facility Staff

This facility is run by ecologists. The person I met with, Giovanna, spent about 1.5 hr giving me a thorough explanation and a tour of the facility. (She only spoke in Portuguese so my factory associate, Mauricio, translated. It also pleased me to know that Mauricio was just as interested in the subject and cause and not just merely translating!)

Giovanna and her staff are big believers in teaching the next generation about the importance of recycling and the preservation of our planet. They run several art programs and workshops with the local schools. They teach children to create art with the scraps which helps instill a mindset to think twice before throwing something away. Educating the community and the next generation is one of their top priorities as they know that this has to become a way of life. There is no other facility in the world that has this set up. Giovanna informed me that the UN visited their site to learn more about what they are doing. At the end of my visit, I realized that Giovanna and her staff are ecologists at heart and have taken the responsibility in their community to help people change their ways fundamentally.

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