Sunday, September 25, 2011

Eco Fashion Event at Carbon DC - Sept 23, 2011

The eco fashion event at Carbon brought in some extraordinary individuals from the Ocean Foundation and The Humane Society of the United States.  I had the chance to speak with them to learn about some of their work. 

David Guggenheim, who calls himself the Ocean Doctor, is working on a coral reef project in Cuba.  The coral reefs in Cuba have remained virtually untouched, unspoiled and they are finding a way to understand why and how and replicate this in other parts of the world where the coral reefs are endangered.  His work will be featured on 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper in a few weeks.

I met Heather Sullivan of the Humane Society for the second time and this time I was able to ask her a lot more questions about her work with the Humane Soceity.  Heather told me how they coordinate interventions with animal rescue teams on issues like puppy mills.  Once the puppies are rescued the Humane Society work really hard to help get the puppies adopted or find shelters for them.  The Humane Society also allows employees to bring their pet to work.  How cool?!

And the person who brought everyone together on this very special evening was Katherine of Carbon.  She worked for the government for many years until she decided to follow her dream of owning an eco-friendly boutique.  I can tell from the people that attended the event, the paintings on the walls and the brands that she carries that Carbon stands behind a great cause.

Me along with Heather from the Humane Society and Jen from the Ocean Foundation

Katherine of Carbon DC
Ocean Foundation Mark Spalding with Katherine of Carbon

Ocean Doctor (pictured left) David Guggenheim

Ocean Foundation

Neuaura Shoes at Carbon

Neuaura Shoes at Carbon

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