Friday, April 15, 2011

Charity News!

We like to keep you informed on the charities that we are donating to this year. Following are issues that Wildlife Conservation Society is focusing on:
Gorillas in the Mix
WCS researchers and their colleagues from the Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature braved war-torn areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo in order to check in on the most mysterious of all gorillas. What they found surprised them, in a good way.

The Mystery of the Naked Penguins
Featherless penguin chicks have been popping up on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean in the last few years. WCS researchers and their partners are unraveling the clues to this strange disorder.

A Bridge to Hope in Afghanistan
WCS researchers discover the world’s 12th largest natural bridge in a remote region of Afghanistan. The stone arch serves as a reminder of the war-torn country’s many wonders.

A Ripple in an Ape Oasis
A WCS census confirms a healthy population of western lowland gorillas in and around Cameroon’s Deng Deng National Park.

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