Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lupani School - Sekute Community

Here is some news about one of the organizations, AWF, that we are donating to this year.
In partnership with the Sekute Community Development Trust, AWF has rebuilt the area's only primary school. Once a dilapidated mud structure with thatched walls and a collapsing roof, the Lupani School has been transformed into a modern facility with six classrooms, several offices, and new teacher housing. AWF and the Trust built the school and provided needed furniture and amenities. For its part, the Zambian government will pay the teachers' salaries and maintain the school's facilities. This way, children will have a safe, well-equipped place to learn in an environment sustained through partnership. Families, in turn, will have a stake in the success of programs that conserve wildlife.

Just as the people of the Sekute Chiefdom are investing in conservation, AWF is investing in the people of the area, and helping them to build a better future. Please consider us in your charitable giving to allow other students in Africa the same chance at a brighter future.

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