Sunday, November 6, 2011

Event at the Arterie Boutique / Duckie Shoes in Montreal, Quebec CANADA

We had a wonderful event showcasing our Fall/Winter boots to Duckie Shoes customers (aka Arterie Boutique) in Montreal, Quebec.  Winters in Montreal are really brutal so shoppers need boots that can withstand harsh winter weather including rain, snow, sleet (and salted roads and sidewalks) and of course the boots have to look great too!

I loved hearing feedback and getting a better understanding what consumers in Montreal look for when buying winter boots. As a designer it really helps me make improvements where necessary.

Can't have a vegan event without vegan treats and wine!

Arterie Boutique foster cats until they get adopted.  Here is a really cute cat that received a lot of interest that evening. Hopefully he's in a happy home by now!

Danette MacCay - co-owner of Arterie Boutique/Duckie Shoes

A shopper trying on the Arctic boot - the Arctic boot was a definite favorite among all the shoppers that evening.

Here is me posing before the event.

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