Sunday, November 6, 2011

Volunteering at the Liberty Humane Society

I started volunteering at the Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City, NJ.  I have always wanted to volunteer at a shelter and I found a way to make time for it.  The shelter does not euthanize for space (thank god!). I wouldn't be able to handle that. 
I feel really sorry for these animals as many of them were victims of abuse and neglect and their owners just dumped them when they could no longer take care of them.  I feel even more sad for the very abused pit bulls as for some of them it will take a special person to adopt them.
This shelter is full of employees and volunteers that really love these animals so I am looking forward to a fulfilling experience and hopefully I can make some impact on the animals and the people I interact with. The shelter is located right next to Liberty State Park so there's nothing more peaceful than taking a walk in the park with a dog.   (and hopefully they have their next walk soon as many of them get anxious in the cage).


  1. Aww pitbulls....great work Arti - Lollyboo (our love-a-bull pitbull) loves you : )

  2. Aww...Lollyboo! She's a sweetie pie! Thanks Nisha.