Friday, December 2, 2011

"Be" - The Future of Fashion: Merging Style + Sustainable Social Impact

We attended the event this past week that was held at Green Spaces and we can't wait to attend more future events from these organizers.  The turnout was great, the panelists had a wealth of knowledge and experience that they shared with everyone and we had a chance to chat with them afterwards.  Here are a few faces from the evening.

Photo Credit - Mike Matthews -
Me and Autumn Marie
CENTER - Summer Rayne Oakes, Source4Style  (can't wait to use their site)

Center - Eileen Moran - NOW Showcase
Center - Yes, that is Shalom Harlow - and on the right is Ambika of  She has pet angora rabbits and uses the fur that they shed each season to make hats. 

The evening's panelist

Deidre McGuigan - Indego Africa

Marcos Salazar  and Allie Mahler - Founders Be Social Change

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