Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Costa Rica - (Green Haven)

Our trip to Costa Rica fulfilled our nature loving side.  If you love nature, Costa Rica is truly a place where you can indulge and explore. With its rich biodiversity there is plenty  to see from dense rain forests, cloud forests, colorful birds like the Quetzals (which we saw in Monteverde but couldn't capture because it flew away too quickly), waterfalls, volcanoes, howling monkeys, sloths, birds' nests in all shapes and much to see.  And we were pleasantly surprised how vegan friendly Costa Rica was.  We stayed in 2 hotels where they served only vegetarian food so plenty of vegan options. Whenever we can we love to go to the local grocery store, buy their fruits and vegetables that are in season and cook meals ourselves.  I personally love to cook while traveling as it makes me feel like we're part of the culture.

Visiting a place like Costa Rica further deepens your respect and understanding of nature and reinforces the importance of protecting and preserving the delicate balance of our eco-system.


There were colorful plants, trees, flowers just growing wildly everywhere.
Waterfall in Arenal
We saw this mother sloth and her baby during our night tour in the rain forest.
Me, in Monteverde (cloud forest)

Bird's nest in Monteverde
Our beautiful vegetarian friendly yoga hotel in Santa Teresa - (Horizon Yoga Hotel) - Highly recommend.  I loved it so much I wrote a review in Trip Advisor
Horizon Yoga Hotel
Breathtaking sunsets in Santa Teresa
Blue butterfly!
Gotta love avocados. 

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